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COVID-19 Support – 2020

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The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. This is a very sad time globally with so many deaths.

The availability of Personal Protection Equipment for frontline health staff is scarce even in industrialised countries. This issue of limited PPE is especially profound in countries like Nigeria, given its unique socio economical status.

How is NaijAid responding to COVID-19?

In an effort to to proactively protect the safety and health of Nigerian medical staff, NaijAid UK, in collaboration with NANNM (National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives) is delighted to be able to donate over 70,000 individual PPE to Government Hospitals in Lagos, to protect Nigerian Nurses, to save Nigerian lives. NOHIL & LUTH are the first beneficiaries, next in line are FMC Ebutametta, FNPH Yaba and FHI Badagry.

First batch of PPE, donated to a Federal Government Hospital in Lagos in April, 2020.

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