It was a sunny day in Agege, a community in Lagos State, when the team from NaijaidUK arrived for their free health care outreach. The community welcomed them with open arms and grateful hearts.

NaijaidUK is a UK-based charity that is committed to providing free healthcare services to underserved communities in Africa. They are doing amazing work, and they need your help to continue their work. Please consider donating to support their cause.

NaijaidUK is a UK-based charity passionate about making a difference in the lives of Nigerians.

One of the areas that we have chosen to focus on is the community of Agege in Lagos. This community is in dire need of healthcare services, and NaijaidUK is committed to providing them.

The NaijaidUK medical outreach provides a wide range of health care services to the people of Agege community, Lagos.

There are two main sections to this outreach: the eye clinic, the dental clinic, and the general clinic. In the eye clinic, you can get a free eye test and glasses, while the general clinic offers a wide range of services, including free medication, health checks and consultations with specialists.

It’s no secret that access to healthcare services in Agege is a struggle. Poor remuneration from the government and a few private individuals have made it impossible for most people in the community to access quality healthcare services.

Furthermore, limited access to basic medical infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges faced by the community. In most cases, it’s very hard to find healthcare facilities close to the residence of many people in Agege due to the lack of resources and funding available. People in this community have no choice but to travel long distances – sometimes more than 50 kilometres – just to get access to basic medical care.

Another challenge they face is the financial affordability of care and lack of awareness about new and improved healthcare technologies, which are often scarce in remote areas like Agege. This has resulted in most people being unable to access quality health care due to a lack of funds or knowledge about available services.

NaijaidUK is changing lives by providing free healthcare services to underprivileged communities in Nigeria. With your support, we can continue to provide these life-saving services to more people in need.


– NaijAid Uk donated some hospital equipment to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos – The Nigerian organisation said its objective is to help preserve Nigeria’s health system through training of medical professionals and donation of equipment to hospitals – Receiving the items on behalf of the hospital, Dr Olatunji Idowu, lamented that healthcare financing in Nigeria is poor and partnership was needed as the government could not fund everything NaijAid Uk, a Nigerian UK-based charity organisation, in collaboration with the Lead Nurse Africa, on Monday, September 30, donated some hospital equipment to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos (NOHIL). The items estimated to worth millions of Naira include: Electric beds, Carriers/Walking practice small size, Lifting machine, Labouring bed, Trolling, POP Shoe/MC Walker, Syringes , Temperature indicators, Catheter Syringe Tip and Intersurgical complete respiratory systems. NaijAid UK is a London, England registered charity, with the philosophy to help preserve the health system in Nigeria through the training of medical professionals and donation of equipment to hospitals.

NaijAid Uk, a Nigerian UK-based charity organisation, donated some hospital equipment to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos. Credit: NAN Source: UGC 

NaijAid Uk, a Nigerian UK-based charity organisation, donated some hospital equipment to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos. Credit: NAN Source: UGC Kayode Nehan, NaijAid UK representative, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the organisation decided to look into charity for medical equipment in Nigeria based on the level of medical equipment operations in the country. He said: “Whenever you get to a hospital, there will be cases of no beds, no drugs and some medical accessories that are supposed to be in place and are not in place. “So, we now partnered with the UK government and some private organisations in the UK to actually seek how to send medical equipment to Nigeria. “These are equipment that has been used in the UK but have been well maintained and are still in good order. “We expect that whatever we give out to hospitals will be used adequately as subsequently, representatives might come around to see the usage of the equipment that had been donated. “And, if they are not well used, the encouragement to request for more equipment from the governments in the UK or the private organisations that had given us may not be there.”

Some of the items donated to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, by NaijaAid UK, a Nigerian UK-based charity. Credit: NAN Source: UGC

Receiving the items on behalf of the management of NOHIL, Dr Olatunji Idowu, the head of Clinical Services at NOHIL, told NAN that the healthcare financing in Nigeria had been low and partnership was needed as the government could not fund everything. He said: “So anything we can get from an individual or an organisation is highly welcomed; and of course, you can never have enough in a hospital setting. “There are some items for this particular organisation, that we have sent as requirements through email today, and we are looking forward to the bringing some of them. “We will be highly grateful if they do but the ones they have been brought will be immediately deployed to useful areas in the hospital. “The challenges are many but consumables, things we need on a daily basis, such as changing bed sheets, bedding, diapers are in very high demand.” He also called for increased funding for the health care system, especially as the WHO had recommended that governments should allocate a certain percentage of its budget to healthcare.

lso speaking, Obiageli Oguariri, the deputy director of Nursing Services in charge of Clinical Education Information Technical and Research (CERIT), NOHIL, commended the NaijAid UK. She said: “The trends in Medicine are not static, they are dynamic; so, the use of equipment should be upgraded at frequent intervals. “Sometimes, you find us still making use of whatever we can make use of because we do not have the most recent or the most ideal. “So, if donations come from any angle to update and equip us, we will be happy. “We are appreciative of what has been given us but we still need more because of the volume of patients that comes in as well as our commitment to quality and professional health care delivery,’’ she said.

Article by – N. lawal (Legit Ng)


We launched a public awareness campaign about the prevention of Lassa Fever in April 2018 following the outbreak of the disease and the resulted fatalities. See campaign below

Click to watch the video of the above webinar ->>

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. This is a very sad time globally with so many deaths.

The availability of Personal Protection Equipment for frontline health staff is scarce even in industrialised countries. This issue of limited PPE is especially profound in countries like Nigeria, given its unique socio economical status.

How is NaijAid responding to COVID-19?

In an effort to to proactively protect the safety and health of Nigerian medical staff, NaijAid UK, in collaboration with NANNM (National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives) is delighted to be able to donate over 70,000 individual PPE to Government Hospitals in Lagos, to protect Nigerian Nurses, to save Nigerian lives. NOHIL & LUTH are the first beneficiaries, next in line are FMC Ebutametta, FNPH Yaba and FHI Badagry.

First batch of PPE, donated to a Federal Government Hospital in Lagos in April, 2020.

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