It was a sunny day in Agege, a community in Lagos State, when the team from NaijaidUK arrived for their free health care outreach. The community welcomed them with open arms and grateful hearts.

NaijaidUK is a UK-based charity that is committed to providing free healthcare services to underserved communities in Africa. They are doing amazing work, and they need your help to continue their work. Please consider donating to support their cause.

NaijaidUK is a UK-based charity passionate about making a difference in the lives of Nigerians.

One of the areas that we have chosen to focus on is the community of Agege in Lagos. This community is in dire need of healthcare services, and NaijaidUK is committed to providing them.

The NaijaidUK medical outreach provides a wide range of health care services to the people of Agege community, Lagos.

There are two main sections to this outreach: the eye clinic, the dental clinic, and the general clinic. In the eye clinic, you can get a free eye test and glasses, while the general clinic offers a wide range of services, including free medication, health checks and consultations with specialists.

It’s no secret that access to healthcare services in Agege is a struggle. Poor remuneration from the government and a few private individuals have made it impossible for most people in the community to access quality healthcare services.

Furthermore, limited access to basic medical infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges faced by the community. In most cases, it’s very hard to find healthcare facilities close to the residence of many people in Agege due to the lack of resources and funding available. People in this community have no choice but to travel long distances – sometimes more than 50 kilometres – just to get access to basic medical care.

Another challenge they face is the financial affordability of care and lack of awareness about new and improved healthcare technologies, which are often scarce in remote areas like Agege. This has resulted in most people being unable to access quality health care due to a lack of funds or knowledge about available services.

NaijaidUK is changing lives by providing free healthcare services to underprivileged communities in Nigeria. With your support, we can continue to provide these life-saving services to more people in need.